Marjan’s Kitchen is a social enterprise in the food industry that strives to be a presenter and ambassador of the culinary traditions and innovations of Iran, focused on the province of Guilan. Our aim is to attain the highest standards of corporate citizenship, innovation and financial sustainability, while reintroducing the world to the rich culinary legacy of an often overlooked region of the world with an emphasis on the ancient Persian health and culinary wisdom such as those taught by Avicenna .


Through offering innovative catering experiences and manufactured culinary products, we plan to market  an alternative approach to experiencing the bounty of the regional culinary arts of the ancient Persian Empire, while fulfilling our clients desires for most satisfying culinary events. Our notable background in fields such as Architecture and  Design strategy, as well as visual and culinary arts, enhances our capability in providing a most stimulating gastronomic experience inspired by the culinary traditions of Iran, specially the Guilan region.


Trained as an architect at IIT, Marjan Nikrah is a daughter of Guilan determined to introduce the food heritage of her birth-land as an emblem of a legacy full of flavor, innovation and ancient sustainability methodologies. As an accomplished painter of portraits and landscapes; Marjan has a singular aesthetic for presentation of food that traverses inspirations from nature, to modern architecture. Sharing the joy of a well executed event with her satiated clients, she has found the most satisfying part of her recent dabble into the food world. Her empathy for the creative community makes her a frequent sponsor/ contributor to the cultural causes .


We’ll take any excuse to celebrate with you and plan the party of the season with your input to please your guests. Whether an intimate gathering with your loved ones or upcoming birthday, graduation, anniversary or corporate gathering; our client centric design process aims to meet your expectations.

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